10 Effects of Caffeine on the Body

There can’t be any individual in this big world who never tried caffeine. Caffeine is available in every place and it has its own admirers. Like everything caffeine too has its positive as well as negative side. Here are some of the best effects of caffeine on human body.

  • Caffeine provides more antioxidants to human body compared to other drinks or beverages. According to a recent study it was found that nothing came as close to caffeine when it counted antioxidants. There are many fruits and vegetables with antioxidants but it was found that human body extracts the maximum number of antioxidants from coffee.
  • Coffee smell makes every individual feel relaxed and tension free. According to recent studies conducted it was found that individual exposed to coffee aroma experienced drastic change in brain proteins that were stressed. It tends to make us feel relaxed after extreme level of stress or tension. Feel free to try it.


  • There are some signs that coffee may reduce signs of Parkinson’s disease. There were some recent studies that showed drinking coffee may control Parkinson’s disease control to a certain extent. Individuals who use or take caffeine regularly have less chances of developing Parkinson’s disease.
  • Compared to other drinks like alcohol coffee is great for liver. According to study it was found that individuals drinking coffee at least once a day have comparatively less chances of developing liver cirrhosis. It is basically a disease caused due to excessive intake of alcohol and leads to cancer or liver failure.
  • Coffee can actually make you feel happier.According to another study conducted with individuals drinking four to five cups of coffee a daily basis were around 10 percent less likely to develop any kind of depression.
  • Coffee consumption in a daily basis can lower the risk of suicide. In a study it was found individuals with two to four cups of coffee on a daily basis have less chances of committing suicide. The chances are reduced by almost fifty percent amongst men and women.

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  • Coffee was found to reduce chances of skin cancer. According to a medical research they followed 112,897 women as well as men for around 20 years. It was found that individuals who drink three to four cups of coffee a day tends to develop less chances of skin cancer compared to the one who don’t.
  • Coffee can help you turn to a good athlete. There are studies conducted with caffeine and it was found that caffeine substantially increases the number of fatty acids in human blood stream which helps them in providing necessary energy and fuel.
  • Caffeine may turn out effective in reducing the chances of type 2 diabetes. Individuals drinking two to three cups of coffee in a daily basis may cut around fifty percentage chances of developing diabetes. With every subsequent cup the risk of diabetes gets lowered by around seven percent.
  • Another study found that coffee can help human brain to stay healthy for longer period of time.